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Rare Bohemian Art Glass Ceiling Light, 1920s

Rare Art Nouveau Vaseline uranium glass pendant lamp This grand enchanting pendant lamp comes from a Victorian industrialist villa in Prague. Originally it was a gasolier, which was electrified in the beginning of 20th century. The 2-colored glass bodies made of thick uranium glass are without mistakes. The gilding is preserved only partly, but the beautiful patina of the brass surfaces compensated this fact. The broken original suspension is replaced by a solid matching construction. The lighting is rewired. The height of the body is 21.7 inches, the total height 39.3 and the diameter 9.5 inches.


Place of origin: Czech Republic

Date of manufacture: 1920s

Period: 1920-1929

Material: Brass, Glass

Condition: Good

Price: € 4100.00

Reference Nr: € Luka-LU983520097952


Height: 100 cm

Diameter: 24 cm

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