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Oversized Gilded Romantic Wall Lamp, Germany, 1960s-1970s

Romantic iron wall sconces or wall sculpture, hand gilded & patinized, Germany The 2 sconces (arranged to an amazing wall sculpture) are in good original condition and function is controlled actually. The iron pieces are hand-covered with gold leafs & silvered blossoms. The chandelier has seen a lot and shows different signs of life. You will find some abrasions and corrosion (detail photos will be added next days). Therefore, the charming authentic overall impression is more likely intense. One lamp is working with 2 lights, the other one with 4 lights (E14). The measurements are 35" width x 24" height x 6" depth for the smaller & 49" x 29" x 8" for the bigger lighting. The height of the blossoms is 11".


Place of origin: Germany

Date of manufacture: 1960s-1970s

Period: 1960-1979

Material: Silvered Iron,Gilt Iron

Condition: Good

Price: € 6900.00

Reference Nr: € Luka-LU983520099282


Height: 73.5 cm

Width: 124.5 cm

Depth: 20 cm

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