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Art Noveau Uranium Vaseline Glass Lantern, 1910-1920s

Art Nouveau/ Art Deco vaseline uranium glass pendant lamp, 1910 Measures: Diameter of the glass body 4,5"/ 11cm height 27.5" /70cm This Fine small pendant lamp for a cabinet comes from a Victorian industrialist villa in Prague. The 2-colored handmade glass body, made of thick uranium glass, has some inclusions ( air bubbles and metallic particles /photo 4). The brass plated surfaces show some living signs, but the beautiful patina makes the piece beautiful authentic. The original suspension is completed by a solid modern bracket. The lighting is rewired. The height is 27,5 inches and the diameter 4,5 inches. Please tell us the real measurements you need for your spaces. The buy-it-now-price included the prepairing of the suspension.


Date of manufacture: 1910s-1920s

Period: Early 20th Century

Material: Brass, Murano Glass, Uranium Glass

Condition: Good

Price: € 2000.00

Reference Nr: € Luka-LU983520099642


Height: 70 cm

Diameter: 11 cm

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