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12 Glass Globes Brass Chandelier, 1960s-1970s

Fine organic chandelier with frosted glass globes and brass. 12-light (e14) Measures: Diameter 26"/66cm and height of the body 13"/33cm The ceiling lamp is in very fine original condition and function is controlled actually. The frosted glass balls are 5" in diameter. The brass surfaces are good with minimal irregularities. Therefore, the charming overall impression is not disturbed. The 12 hand blown glass balls were finally hand-cutted and matted. The glass balls are without mistakes and you will get 1 for reserve. You can switch the lighting with 0/6/12 lights. All surfaces are fixed with Zapon-lacquer (cellulose). The buy-it now-price included the preparing of the final height for your spaces.


Place of origin: Europe

Date of manufacture: 1960s-1970s

Period: Mid-Century Modern

Material: Frosted Glass, Metal, Brass

Condition: Good

Price: € 5800.00

Reference Nr: € Luka-LU983520047712


Height: 33 cm

Diameter: 66 cm

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